Significant Sig Award

The Significant Sig award is one of the Fraternity's highest honors. It recognizes "those alumni members whose achievements in their fields of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi." The Sigma Chi Fraternity has recognized more than 1,100 brothers since the Significant Sig award's inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter. Here are Brothers close to home.
  • Edward Blessing
  • George McMillion
  • L. Wayne Tucker
  • Nathan E. White, Jr.
  • Rob Whitehead
  • Edward Stanley

Order of Constantine

Each year, the Order of Constantine recognizes a group of up to 14 Sigma Chi brothers for their commitment, dedication and service to the Fraternity. Induction into the Order of Constantine is considered to be the highest honor the Sigma Chi Fraternity can bestow upon one of its members. The honor of being named a “Constantine Sig” has been conferred on less than 500 brothers since the inception of the Order of Constantine at the 47th Grand Chapter in 1948

  • Nathan White, Jr.
  • David Streitmatter
  • Jay Minton, Jr.
  • Wayne Tucker

Past Chapter Presidents

Over the years, many dedicated brothers have spent their time leading the advance and evolution of the Dallas Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter. Here are the best records we have of those men.



2015 Larry Williams
2013 - 2014 Nathan White
2012 Dave Cravens
2010-2011 Harry Palmer
2008-2009 Ernest Paul Pewitt
2007 Mark Hoops
2005-2006 Dan Yerian
2004 Jerry Cavalier
2003 Steve Watson
2001-2002 Randy Davis
1997-2000 George Theriot
1995-1996 Bill Rose
1995 Charlie Carlin
1993-1994 Ron Reneker
1990-1992 Bill Rose